Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. On Sunday November 20th I had the honor to be invited to the first Annual Tea Takeover: Influential Women on the Brink of Brilliance event by Founder, Host, Jewelry Designer and Urban Bush Babe Style interviewee, the beautiful Nyne Lyves Held in the Penthouse of the beautiful Giraffe Hotel in New York the atmosphere held an ambiance of creativity while the smell of warm chamomile and cookies filled the air. The Women’s Tea Takeover Party brought together an abundance of eclectic, stunning and amazing artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, performers, writers, stylists, youth representatives and everything in between inspiring a positive change in some form or fashion. Through some of New York’s most influential east coast youth organizations and representatives this event provided a camaraderie, outlet and a source of information to the attendees, of transpiring their inspiration and positive image to the ones who need it the most…our youth.

Your life is your own and no can dictate how you should live your life except yourself but being involved with past volunteer organizations for over a decade now, I can easily say this involvement has been one of the biggest and main sources of my inspiration. Seeing others who feel they have almost come to the end of their rope but continue to strive on because that “almost” is not the end can only uplift you in a way that is hard to describe in words.  I wanted to share this with all of you because Nikisha and I feel everything you do has a consequence and as a woman, the image you uphold is not only most important to yourself but also in the eyes of our young women and men who may be watching as well.

*Below is the official invite from founder and host Nyne Lyves and photos of most of the attendees and speakers of the Women’s Tea Takeover Party.


As a woman and fellow Artist, I always cherish the moments where I can endorse my belief that I am more than just an image. You have received this invitation because I admire your poise, passion and drive; I want to take this special opportunity to honor your ability to greatly influence our youth. I organized A Tea Takeover: Influential Women on the Brink of Brilliance, because I have found a major and unfortunate disconnect between Education and The Arts throughout my five years working with youth all over New York City. School districts across the state have cut funding for art, creative and active after school programs, in turn cutting inspiration for our youth. Many of our students struggle to find their own identity through the images of “cool” that American mass media bombards them with. They need the support of strong and creative women like you.

So I ask you, how will you use your voice to show the World that we can all make a difference? Please join me November 20th from 2-4 p.m. at The Giraffe Hotel for an exclusive talk with New York City’s most influential youth organizations and other representatives spanning across the East Coast. These organizations are ready and more than willing to embrace you in their quest to inspire and subsequently transform the state of our youth.  It is my deepest hope that together we can create a new path, by not just telling our youth that they are the future, but by showing them. Some may call you an “Influencer,” others may call you a “Tastemaker,” or “Socialite.” November 20th, let’s show the World what a Heroines look like.

 -Nyne Lyves

Attendees and Speakers

With Founder and Host of the Women’s Takeover Tea Party, Nyne Lyves

Artist/Model and Photographer Ev Ryan

To the right creators and founders Mel & Mo of Love Potion 214

Designer Jasmin Carmen Brown of J. Carmen jewelry

A few pieces from the J. Carmen line

What is beautiful about the act of inspiring is that it can be done by anyone. This is not an exclusive club or sorority that prevents you from becoming a member. All of us have the potential if not already hold the gifts, power and essence to inspire, whether you take action to use what you already possess to inspire another is entirely up to you….