Detroit native, Founder of Maison LaFleur and Curator/Art Advisor, Ingrid Lafleur discusses art project, AFROTOPIA . “AFROTOPIA is really about reexamining Black History and imaging the African diaspora in the future.” – Ingrid LaFleur


The idea revolves around creating imaginative and effective solutions to address social challenges. The root of the idea is planted in Afrofuturism, a contemporary arts movement encompassing sound, literature, the culinary arts, and science. By fusing elements of science fiction, magical realism, ancient history, and non-western cosmologies, Afrofuturism serves as an invitation to actively create tomorrow and consciously control destiny. AFROTOPIA, the idea, deconstructs the elements of Afrofuturism and from those pieces builds and explores new and radical notions of what utopia is and can be. via: 



Ingrid LaFleur from CreativeMornings/Detroit on Vimeo.


“My parents were art collectors, so I had the pleasure of growing up with a house full of contemporary art. I enjoyed the intimacy that it provided. As a child I was able to develop a relationship with our art collection. It has always been my aim to replicate that feeling and encourage that type of connection to art.” -Ingrid