One of the things that drive me in life is encouraging the youth. When I was teaching in elementary school there was nothing more fulfilling than giving love to a child by uplifting them and giving them hope by showing them another way. This post and hopefully this site will aid in that. I don’t know how many young people visit our site, but I want to encourage the adults that come in contact with our youth to remind them all the time that they are beautiful the way God made them. I was inspired by this picture one of my best friends Kathlina from childhood took of her daughter Jordyn. She put these beautiful lyrics from a Bruno Mars song on top of the picture and showed her daughter. My friend sent it to me later on and I immediately teared up. I remembered a time when Kathlina told me Jordyn didn’t like her hair because it wasn’t straight like everyone else’s and she was only 4 yrs old at the time; she kept asking her mom to straighten her hair. These stories always sadden me and deeply move me to action. I gave my friend names to websites that had positive images of curls, coils, and kinks, I also spoke to Jordyn in person when I went to visit them in Virginia. I told her that she was beautiful and to never try to be anyone else but herself. She also loved my hair and saw it was just like hers, so fast forward and Jordyn now loves her hair. In Jordyn’s eyes I’m her Aunt Nikisha and she thinks the world of me so I have a great influence on her. Many people would be surprised of the impact they can make as individuals on another persons life, especially our youth. All they need is someone they can relate to and they admire and you can impact their life. Sometimes all it takes is one negative experience to effect someones self image for the rest of their life. I’ve been down that road many times and want to prevent it as much as possible with the generations after me. So this is for all the youth that don’t like their hair, don’t think they are beautiful, and don’t feel like they fit in. You are beautiful, and know that God doesn’t make mistakes. To Kathlina, I love you, you are an amazing mom and friend,thank you for letting me give you 101 hair care tips :) and thank you for sharing this beautiful picture with me so I can in turn share it with others. To Jordyn, your a gift from God and all the little coils that spring from your head are beautiful, love Aunt Nikisha…xoxo


Jordyn & her mom Kathlina

Jordyn looks like spring :)