Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. For those who could not make Belles Butters “Sweet Meet n Greet” at Dyllan’s Candy Bar in New York with host Francheska of Hey Fran Hey this past Tuesday man oh man did you miss out but not to worry we would never leave you hanging on UBB we always want you to feel included even if you couldn’t make the event! So kick off your shoes and relax your feet party on down to the Xscape beat just kick it, just kick it, just kick it (that use to be my jam) but all jokes aside find your most comfy chair, sit back and relax for we have the intimate scoop and all the details of this fun filled, amazing and just overall inspiring night to connect with other bloggers, artists and readers who are making moves to towards their dreams.

The Venue:

The Scene:

UrbanBushBabes with the beautiful woman who headed this event Tasha Burton creator of Belle Butters  and when I tell you this woman makes the most heavenly shea butter hair/body moisturizing products and fragrances trust!!! Some of them smell good enough to eat!

Urban Bush Babes with the beautiful, gracious and poised host of Belle Butters event Fran of Hey Fran Hey (an amazing site to find inspiration on natural hair, fashion and advice on hair and nutrition as well).

Nikisha and I with the beautiful and hilarious Franchesca of Chescalocs Love her videos if you have not seen her channel definitely check it out. Whether you have dreadlocs or not she has some pretty amazing hairstyle tutorials.

Here with beauties Franchesca of Chescalocs and Fran of Hey Fran Hey. Ya’ll know the topic of hair can get reaaaaaaaal serious sometimes.

 With the stunning and talented upcoming recording artist Isadora and featured Urban Bush Babe  who brought flowers for myself, Nikisha and Fran. How sweet was that!!! Beautiful inside and out! You can also hear Isadora’s crazy talented vocals here


Lovelies Isadora and Nikisha

You might be wondering why I am not flashing the pearlies, well since I was wearing red lipstick it always somehow seemed to come off on my teeth from time to time even with the lipstick finger trick so not to risqué red teeth in any of the pictures I decided to smile with lips only. Ahhhh the sacrifices I will make for fashion, lol.

With super sweet Stylist Yani of Take a look at her blog she definitely has some serious style!

Yani, Nikisha and Nikisha’s beautiful little boy Jaden who was psyched about the free icecream! To tell you the truth so was I, lol.

 Nikisha and Fran laughing away as Jaden makes a funny face.

Now I knew I was in trouble and it was going to be a good night all at the same time when I saw my favorite cupcakes by Crumbs  Lets’ just say I got a too go box and took three home, lol. I wasn’t alone Nikisha holla!!!

Soul Singer and musician, Jesse Boykins lll with amazing hair, style and vocals, you can see him in action here

Flyness everywhere: Poet/Playwright/Dancer/Actress, Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene and to the right Founding Artistic Director Pia Monique of Pia Murray Dance Collective and natural hair blog “The Kitchen Salon” her site is a must see, we will be featuring some of Pia’s articles very soon.

The fabulous Makeup artist Miss Merli of

Beautiful, glowing spirit and reader Micaela, lovin the outfit!

Blogger of and reader Shanece, such a great energy!

The Tribe: Ok how freakin fly is their hair!!! Definitely a throwback and ain’t nothing better than that!

How cute is she! I loved her braids and mix of patterns.

Posin with Nikisha

Some more beautiful curly action for ya!

More Fran love, never can be enough :)

Can we talk about Fran’s outfit!!! HELLO! How You Doin! Flawless would wear from head to toe! Also Fran is one hell of a talented singer!

One word…HOT! I instantly felt I was timed machined back to Prince’s Purple Rain era, was really feelin their vibe.

Hopefully next time you can join us :)