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Let’s face it, keeping on track towards your fitness goals or routine is not always a walk in the park…if it was, quotes such as “No pain, No gain”, “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow”, “You may see struggle but you will never see me quit” or “It is a long road, it seems impossible, but it is worth it” would not even exist. To see results or to improve your quality of living mind, body and soul you must be conscious of your daily consumption, and implement weekly workout sessions.
Now I am not suggesting you train as if you are entering the next triathlon, even 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week would suffice, but like anything you are striving to improve or stay constant it takes exactly that…WORK, they don’t call it a WORKout for nothing! With that being said, you can find creative ways to make fitness work in your favor and have fun while doing it. Incorporating a consistent routine into your weekday is impertinent to the quality of life we should all be living, and of course this not rocket science, we all know the benefits our mental and physical well being reaps. Though for many of us it is not just the physical act itself that is the most challenging, but the mental strength in staying focused daily. Which is exactly why my twin sister, TK Quann and I teamed up with Jawbone UP3.
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What is Jawbone UP3?
Selected as one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” of 2015, the Jawbone UP3 is a streamline, light-weight and accessible tracker you wear on your wrist. World-class sensors capture your diet intake/calories, how you move/fitness activity, sleep patterns (monitoring stages 1-REM) and more, all easily obtained through the free ‘UP’ app. The device syncs to your phone allowing you to monitor your results in real time. You can view continuous up to date data that will assist in improving your wellness/fitness routine, plus include your friends in motivating them by activating the fun (and highly addictive) “duel” option.
Your health is of the utmost importance and matters to us, which is why we are excited to share more details. Scroll below to view some of the captivating features of the Jawbone UP3 and results of our 24 hour duel.
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Monitoring Daily Activity, Step Count & Calories:
Continuous daily moderation of “every move you make” as the legendary Sting said, or more specifically rather every step you take. Real time data in tracking not only your step activity but how long you are active, longest consecutive activity and idle period, as well as total calories burned through resting and active stages.
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Our schedules are often hectic and sometimes we are unable to make the gym or workout at home. Therefore we find other ways to incorporate fitness in our day to day by avoiding modes of transportation, such as the subway or cabs, choosing to walk to our next destination instead, also eliminating escalators/elevators and opting for the stairs whenever possible. You will be amazed to see how many miles or steps you accumulate by making minor changes.
Measures your Resting Heart Rate:
Resting Heart Rate or commonly known as RHR is measured in the stage when the neurons at the base of the brain signal the body to sleep, basically a measurement before you wake up in order to view your bpm (beats per minute) when it is unaffected by factors like physical and mental activity, such as thought. Your RHR pattern is one of the best indicators of your cardiovascular health.
When it comes to RHR, there is no “normal.” Your rate is unique based on factors such as age, fitness, and genetics. According to the American Heart Association 60bpm-100bpm is the typical range for adults. Athletes can range from 40bpm-60bpm. Such factors as reducing stress, environment, body mass, exercising and change of diet can improve your RHR.
**The Jawbone UP3 also monitors “Passive Heart Rate” (PHR) activity, which is your bpm during waking hours. Displayed through an hourly based time chart, you are able to access when you are at your most peaceful state and what may be causing stress levels to rise.**
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Sleep Activity:
We are sure you don’t need a 101 class on how sleep is fundamental to our health, but sometimes we don’t always act on what we know (self included). Adequate rest not only decreases fatigue and improves stamina but:
Increases life span
Improves memory
Prevents inflammation
Repairs muscle tissue
Increases metabolism
Lowers stress levels
Curbs anxiety, impatience
Ok maybe that was a 101 but due to many of us who have hectic schedules sleep may be the first thing on our mind and the last thing we actually opt for, which is why we need a constant reminder on exactly how much rest is beneficial.
The stages of sleep are compartmentalized in levels of 1-REM (Rapid Eye Movement, the deepest level of sleep).Through the Jawbone UP3 you can view detailed info of how many hours you reached in each stage, from light to deep sleep and REM, as well how many times and how long you stayed awake throughout the night.
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Stay motivated with a friend in the “Duel” option:
As we mentioned before the “Duel” option of this device is highly addictive in a motivating and entertaining way! What exactly is a Jawbone “Duel”? A head-to-head step battle with timeframes of your choosing; 24 hours, 3 days or a week. Activate this feature by selecting an opponent, via your contacts to find friends, or invite them to join UP for free with any phone or smartwatch that tracks steps (search “UP by Jawbone” in the App store for iOS or Play Store for Android).
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**Congratulations to TK who won by 490 steps (sigh, made it to the gym a little later than my usual 6AM schedule this morning, lol), but we have to say hands down this is one of our favorite features of the tracker device. I didn’t realize how much I was into it until I realized I was losing, (you should have seen me at the gym before the last 3 minutes of our duel). By turning your fitness activity into a real life virtual game, with minute to minute coverage of your opponents progress can be a great way to stay focused. This is a fun feature to utilize in motivating not only yourself but your friends and loved ones.**
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In conclusion you are greater than your excuses. Many times the journey is not an easy one but far from impossible and who saids you can’t enjoy the ride. Staying fit mind, body and soul takes work, and any help that propels us forward in a positive direction towards our goals is something we all deserve. All and all the Jawbone UP3 was an incredible experience and we can easily see why it made Oprah’s “Favorite Things” of 2015.
Happy Holidays and remember we all have the power to visualize and act on the change we want to be!
Much love,
Cipriana and TK Quann aka ‘The Quann Sisters’
For more info or how to purchase your own Jawbone UP3 click here
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