(Pictured above, hair down in 140 loose twists) Unfortunately women of color with natural long hair especially women with type 4a-c hair have been stigmatized as the official “bearers of weaves” (I am not a natural head against women who wear weaves because it can really assist during a transitional period, reaching personal length goals or even  just because) when truth be told many other ethnicities beguile in the same act! Due to the history of media in this country, women of color were not exposed to strong black women rocking their natural texture in a proud state since the 1970′s. I do feel a tremendous change is happening especially with social pro natural hair outlets. There are so many beautiful black women with long natural hair but the lack of profiling in mainstream media has left us with a position to carry of constant accusatory remarks and accusations but like detangling my hair I have patience with people because at the end of the day you inspired someone enough to stop and ask no matter what the core of their reason may be.
“Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King