I’m super elated to share that it’s official!!!! I’m moving to Austin Texas!!! If you read my post on my visit to Austin Tx this past July then you know that my husband Carl and I had been praying and asking God where we should move to buy our first house and settle since before we got married (over a year ago) and He lead us to Austin. I also included in that same post why we out grew NYC, aren’t fond of the DMV, and why we fell in love with Austin. It was the place we had been dreaming of but never thought existed (it’s seriously a mix between Brooklyn & San Francisco). We now see that’s how God works. He outdoes Himself when you’re obedient, walking in His will, and lead by the Spirit. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Matthew 6:33) NIV.


Ever since our visit Carl has been grinding, sending out resumes, cover letters, and his portfolio to every job that was in his visual design/art director field. He had a few interviews and got flown out to Austin this past Thursday for what would be his final interview and we found out he got the job yesterday! If it wasn’t for God’s favor in our lives this wouldn’t have happened and especially not within 3 months! I’m sure many of you know how hard it is to find work these days. I’m not sure about other career fields but Carl’s field is super tough with so much competition and you need to know someone who knows someone to get a hookup. We didn’t know anyone in Austin who could connect Carl with people in his career field, so we felt a bit overwhelmed at times. Especially with our lease about to be up. We were like… how the heck is this gonna happen? And we quickly reminded ourselves that if this was where God wanted us to be then He would make a supernatural way for us. So we stopped worrying! God showed up and showed out! Not only did Carl beat out hundreds of other applicants, but they offered him a higher salary than his current job, which we thought was dang near impossible because the cost of living in Texas brings the salaries down significantly. They’re also giving us a moving budget. We had people telling us, “the job market is so hard”, “there are folks who have been searching for jobs for over a year and nothing” and so on…. But we didn’t let all those comments stop us from believing that God would make a way. We continued to pray and stand on God’s Word. I believed so much that I even bought moving boxes back in September and started packing the house up..lol! So we are extremely thankful and give all the glory to God because it wouldn’t have happened without Him! I’m excited to see what God is gonna do, we have some really special things that God has placed on our hearts and we know they will come to pass in Austin. :)


We don’t have a set date for the move but we know it’s going down in December. So I’m calling on all you Austinites to make yourself known. I would love to meet you, as long as you’re not crazy….lol! San Francisco of the South, here we come!!!!


Hear what my favorite band Radiohead had to say about the amazing Austin and why they would live there :