Happy Anniversary to my husband Carl. Thinking back to the time I met you 8 years ago and we were just friends working on music together…Lord knows I was a mess and had a ton of growing to do. But look at us now! Look at what God has done and is still doing! I’m blown away by how much you love me and have always put me before yourself. You’ve never made me cry (only tears of joy) and have always protected and taken care of my heart with a gentleness I’ve never known. I learn everyday what love is through our marriage. I’ve learned it’s about giving up ones self daily for the other person. It’s sacrificial and not emotive. It teaches us to be vulnerable everyday. It exposes where we are weak so we can become strong. It transforms us to be more selfless instead of selfish.


I’ve never felt so free and so myself until encountering your love. I’ve become my best self because of your love, your prayers, your leadership, your support and your encouragement. Our love isn’t explainable without God, and I don’t ever want it to be. So here’s to 3 years of marriage and going strong! Thank you for being the only person on this planet who truly understands me. And thank you for magnifying my world.
“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” -Ecclesiastes 4:12

Nikisha & Carl from neil sandoz on Vimeo.