So ladies I came home the other day working 12 hours straight on set and was greeted by a comment referred to me that was made on our video: Hair regimen: Retaining Length & Moisture for 3c to 4b-c hair type video on our youtube channel from a viewer about my hair regimen. This woman stated:

“First, I am glad that I found this channel! I was put off by Cipriana’s posture towards her hair. The ‘instantaneously’ dreding in water + ‘disintegrating’ with shampoo? This perpetuates the attitude of neglect + burden of kinkier hair. All kinky hair needs regular maintenance whether Cipriana’s kinks or Nikisha’s curls. That means regular exposure to water for moisture (way more than 1x month). Otherwise, health will be sacrificed for length. If it’s a burden, cut to a manageable length.”

I found this woman’s comment funny and slightly annoying because first I love to enlace comedy in my dialogue when telling a story and obviously this woman missed the humor entirely, lol but second how could one reflect the “attitude of neglect+ burden of kinkier hair” when I am discussing my weekly hair regimen. Washing my hair once a month but moisturizing every other day and sealing my ends weekly is hardly what I call lack of maintenance and to achieve the length of my hair would be impossible without the foundation of health.  One’s definition of “regular maintenance varies for every individual that is just what makes us “individuals”. I think the problem lies when a person feels there is a certain standard one should take care of his or her hair and any standard besides the one they see as the correct way to take care of hair is absurd and worthy of argument. The main reason why I laughed when I read this comment and actually made a joke about washing my hair once a month in the video, knowing that some people may not understand my method and even though I knew someone would have something to say I wanted to be honest and share a method that has worked for me for over 4 and ½ years. Obviously determining a regimen that works for you varies on the porosity levels, density, individual strand thickness and length and crucifying someone over a regimen because you feel it is wrong or would not suit you only means you are not open to the fact that certain regimens do not cater to everyone and feel the need to express your close minded attitude. Of course I am not naïve and know this is just the reality of the situation when you reveal a regimen that is not largely accepted, not everyone is going to love what you do but despite this you should never judge so ferociously. Judging leaves no room to uplift and that is just what our natural hair community needs. So I chose to respond with this:

“First of all I am glad you found the channel :) As Nikisha and I always state we discuss what works best for us! The fact that I maintain this length is because I do not find it too un-manageable but want to be honest with all of you of the work that is entailed with longer lengths. I cannot change how you perceive my posture but wish you all the best in your hair journey :)”

Has anyone debated you on your regimen?