“Even the juggling is naughty! Don’t bring the children, this ain’t no big apple circus.” -New York Times


I was invited by the beautiful and jaw-dropping talented hula hoop virtuoso, Marawa, to see her perform last night in the off-broadway show, La Soirée, held at the Union Square Theatre in NY. Winner of the 2012 London Cabaret Awards, La Soirée brings a mix between a 60′s gypsy sideshow circus, with a 1940′s vaudeville-burlesque.  A cabaret act successfully exuding sexiness while simultaneously intertwining wit and charm with almost every performance featured, you would be stunned into silence by some of the dangerous aerodynamic acrobatics displayed, if you weren’t of course doubled over with laughter from the constant intermissions of humor slithered in. In fact, the ambiance of the show is so authentic you almost feel as if you were transported to a parallel universe, with the help of a white rabbit, who decides to lead you not to Wonderland but to the X-rated affiliated Moulin Rouge…ok, well I may be stretching it a bit, it’s not exactly a white rabbit, but a statuesque gent wrapped in a aqua blue latex bunny suit.


Now I have seen more than my fair share of great broadway and off-broadway shows but there are very few that are so successful to the point, I am completely captivated and enthralled by every single moment, and I mean EVERY single moment! Similar to watching an amazing movie where you don’t want to to go to the bathroom, in fear you will miss anything, hands down one of the most entertaining shows I have seen in NY, here are a few moments captured from the show… 



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My sister, TK Wonder and I with Marawa

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Visit La Soirée or buy tickets here