As I have gone through this continuous hair journey my hair has taught me exactly what it likes and what it will absolutely not respond to which in my case some of those factors are wet detangling, excessive heat, washing my hair too frequently and among many, many  more, lol but especially wet detangling!  For me it is just a tremendous losing battle. The only reason why I am able to recognize what works and what doesn’t work for my strands is experience through trials and tribulations which in return has given me knowledge of how my strands will respond but also becoming educated about my hair in porosity, texture and density (in mass and individual strands). The more I became educated and familiar with my hair the better I was able to nurse my hair back to health and recognize any potential problems. I was more equipped to take care of my hair properly which aided in easier management of my natural hair.  Thankfully through natural hair sites and youtube, transitioning or boosting the health of your natural hair does not have to be quite as hard. So keep your spirits up for those mishaps with your hair only means you are steps closer to finding what truly works best for you!

What is the one thing you have learned along your hair journey that absolutely does not work for your hair?