I’m so excited and beyond proud to share my husbands new music with you guys! It’s been a long time coming! He is sooo humble and has so many incredible gifts! He is a true artist, creative, and musician who has been producing music and playing the guitar for over 20 years, and plays other instruments as well. A few years ago he decided to put his own vocals to his music because he wanted to make music he wasn’t hearing anywhere. Today he debuts his first self titled EP Saint Ranier featuring his band mate Zach Kuzmic playing the drums. It’s synth rock, so if your a fan of David Bowie, Twin Shadow, NIN and other great artists, then you’ll love my husbands music! Saint Ranier is now available on iTunes/ Apple Music/ Spotify/ Amazon/ Google Play/ SoundCloud. Take a listen to the 3 song EP below and please show some love by sharing the music with your friends and loved ones! Music videos coming soon!