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Cipriana Quann believes that it’s our imperfections that make us beautiful and strong.


She felt caged in by the culture’s concept of beauty during her childhood and early adulthood. And, as a model, she struggled to build and accept her own identity in the face of unrelenting and conservative standards.


Finally, she cast-off the bonds of everyone else’s demands: she left her high fashion career to co-found Urban Bush Babes, an online destination, where visitors connect about similar journeys of self-realization and acceptance.


Here, Quann talks about her struggle to measure up and the freedom that came with letting that all go:




Live The Process: How have you rebelled against oppressive representations and expectations of beauty?


CQ: That moment began when I stopped modeling. It was actually the sole reason I ended my career: I was losing my sense of identity. I was sacrificing the identity with which I was happiest for money and abiding by standards of beauty that others defined. To walk away from a career that stifled my individuality and to create my own standard of beauty with my site was the biggest way to rebel without even trying. The rebellion was not purposely done, but a way to find my own happiness.

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Live The Process: What tips would you offer people who find it hard to stand up to criticism? 


CQ: No one else should dictate your true sense of identity, and that includes family and friends. Criticism comes from a place of insecurity, fear or hate, so why would you measure your self-worth against those factors? Individuals who judge harshly are often envious of those who feel free to just be. With freedom comes happiness. You would be surprised by how many people will try to keep you in a state of blind complacency, either purposely or because it is the only state they themselves know.

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Live The Process: Was there a time when you struggled to accept yourself and your body?


Cipriana Quann: Yes, there was! Specifically, accepting my…Read my full interview with ‘Live The Process’ here


Cape Cod, Massachussetts, U.S.A. 1983



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