Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. As my man and I was recovering from a massive meal of unthinkable proportions this holiday weekend, my mind begin to wander towards my favorite things about the holiday which is the time and cherished moments I get to spend with family and friends and yes, this is beginning to sound like an opening for a Holiday Hallmark card but the truth shall set you free! Speaking of the truth, I have to also admit the consumption of insane amounts of food is another love, but through these blissful moments I begin to wonder what I disliked the most about the holidays. Which I would have to reveal besides the highly marketed consumerism aspect (sigh, which is not what the holidays are about but fall victim to in buying for others) is the holiday rush or more properly described as a gun going off in the middle of a concert of an audience of 100,000 when traveling out of town. Luckily this year distant traveling was not a concern but memories of past still linger vividly in my mind. Amongst these vivid memories my curiosity has gotten the better of me which leads me to ask…

What do you love and hate about the Holidays?


Love: The ring my man surprised me with. Not for the materialistic but the meaning behind it. Also the emerald is my birthstone. Fellow Taureans say Heyyyyyyyyyyy :)

Hate: Fruit Cake. I have tried and tried again but I can’t seem to stomach it :(