On Thursday February 16th we attended an installment of the “In Conversation Series” hosted by MAD Free ,Too Qute Productions and the Brooklyn Museum, featuring in-depth, intimate and open forum discussions with high profile guests. The conversation was led by Writer/Image Activist/Founder of MAD Free, Michaela Angela Davis with award winning Author/Professor/MSNBC Political Host, Melissa Harris-Perry on the hot seat. The dialogue focused on everything from pop culture and politics to Melissa Harris-Perry’s new book, Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America’ which as you can tell from the title, delved into the constant reoccurring and mental debilitating stereotypes that plague the image of the black woman in politics, leading to the allowance of unethical current policies as the norm. Sister Citizen also depicts some of the most detrimental and repeated offenders of stereotyping towards the black female such as the overly precocious sexualized/libidinous undertones, “mammy devotion” and without unequivocal reason, the angry black woman syndrome. As we were completely enthralled in the discussion of Sister Citizen, what immediately begins to resonate in the presence of these two women was the air of obvious intelligence, powerful beauty, formidable strength and genuine sincerity.


Michaela Angela Davis is not only the founder and host of Mad Free, “ a multi-platform, multi-generational critical community conversation with revolutionary women, whose work and lives serve to liberate the narrow and misinformed image of women” but also serves on the board of Black Girls Rock, was the founding fashion director for Vibe magazine and past associate fashion/culture and the executive fashion and beauty editor for Essence magazine. Though Melissa Harris-Perry was on the hot seat it seems the seat was cooled down with the unmatchable fire that seethed through this award winning author. Harris-Perry is currently professor of political science at Tulane University and served on the facilities of Princeton and Chicago University, an award winning author of Barbershops, Bibles, and BET: Everyday Talk and Black Political Thoughtand a frequent political commentator on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show which recently led to her own show on MSNBC entitled The Melissa Harris-Perry show which debuted this past Saturday, February the 18th. The show touched upon high sensitive issues, ranging everywhere from; why the GOP is necessary, billion investor Foster Friess’s ridiculous comments on how contraceptives could be relieved by “an aspirin between the knees”, New York Times article indicating the fastest growth in the last two decades of unwed mothers is among white women, an outdated constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage, the message that is being perceived of  a rumored musical collaboration with Chris Brown and Rihanna, to the cultural impact from the loss of Whitney Houston.


With endless provoking topics in tow The Melissa Harris-Perry Show gives us good quality morning conversation to look forward to every Saturday at 10AM EST on MSNBC. Also if you are in the vicinity you definitely will want to be a part of the next MAD Free discussion, keep your eyes out for future events here –> MAD Free in Conversation Series