Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. Whenever I wear a dramatic piece like this suede fringe cropped poncho vest featured above, I love to let that piece take center stage therefore everything else in the ensembles is very minimalistic. Though this is my general rule of thumb for most ensembles there are the exceptions, which is what makes personal style ever changing in not placing boundaries or limitations on your-self. Style is what you make it and no matter what your preference, all style is a creative form of expression. Long story short, I am taking this form of expression out on the town tonight so welcome to UBB Style Made in Mexico.


Made in Mexico

Black Suede Fringe cropped  Poncho Vest with Conchos: eBay ; 19.00USD

Grey, Navy Blue, Forrest Green Striped Button Down: LeTigere’ from No Relations Vintage in NY; 12.00USD

Dark Grey Lee Jeans: No Relations Vintage in NY; 7.00USD

Black Pebbled Ankle Boots with Wooden Heel: Jeffery Campbell Litas: Solestruck; 159.00 USD

Whiskey Leather Weave Belt: No Relations Vintage in New York; 10.00USD

Fuchsia Lipstick: Revlon ‘Fuchsia Fusion’ #657; 6.99USD