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Inside The Cool-Girl Beauty Routines of TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann

Their Motto; Keep it Simple

By: Sam Leal



Identical twins TK Wonder and Cipriana Quann, 27, are the kind of women who turn heads when they walk down the street. With their tall frames, amazing style, and gorgeous, natural hair, there’s really no question as to why. The question, more often, is about the hair itself.


“How do you hold your head up with all that hair?” “Is that all yours?” “Are those dreadlocks?” they get asked by passersby. (For the record, no—it’s their natural texture.) “We don’t mind the questions if they’re coming from a genuine and curious place,” says Cipriana. “A lot of people don’t see our hair texture a lot, so we don’t mind. We actually enjoy it.”


Cipriana, a blogger and co-founder of has been wearing her hair natural for seven years, while TK Wonder, a musician, has been rocking hers for twelve. They’ve become, perhaps unwittingly, icons of the natural hair movement—and they wear it well.


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How do they feel about the term “natural hair,” by the way? “I don’t think I have terminology,” says TK. “For us, natural hair is just a state of being. It’s not supposed to be anything that’s different. It doesn’t mean anything different than a Caucasian woman who has natural hair.”


Cipriana agrees. “I also think in the mainstream media, that side of beauty hasn’t been seen, so people are like ‘Oh, this is trending.’ But it’s not a trend. You’re just now being exposed to it.”


“We’re actually not huge hair-product junkies,” Cipriana told us in the duo’s Manhattan work apartment overlooking the Empire State Building.






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