Via: Marie Claire South Africa
By: Amahle Madlala
Photographer: Diego Villarreal
Stylist: Lisa Jarvis
Identical twins, TK Quann (aka TK Wonder) and Cipriana Quann, have captured the attention of the fashion industry with their unique look.
The Quann sisters and Baltimore natives (New York based) are more than the average fashion blogger, they fill a gap with their fresh approach to natural hair which led them to work with fashion heavyweights like Vogue, W, Nylon and Sunglass Hut. We caught up with the stylish sisters to talk hair, style and what they plan to do with their growing success.
How much does your hair affect your personal style?
TK: If anything, my personal style affects the way I wear my hair but my hair does not affect my personal style. My personal style is all over the place. I wear what makes me feel good and I believe that is the true essence of fashion.
Cipriana: I always said the bigger my hair became, the more my style evolved. The more I became one with my natural hair, my style reflected that confidence. Really, it is hard to box in my style since I love a plethora of genres. I could look like Diane Keaton one day or Lisa Bonet the next. I love mixing and playing with menswear, structural pieces, pattern mixing but hands down, I have a very strong soft spot for the seventies era.
You must get a lot of attention for your hair. Do you ever feel the questions and stares are invasive?
TK: We’re accustomed to it. When we were kids people were always commenting on our hair so now it seems mundane. As children, we had more than a few pedestrians who would try to touch our hair. Our parents told us to say, ‘Don’t touch our hair!’ I don’t mind fielding questions. I realize some people are curious, but I become aggravated when people think it is okay to invade your space and touch your hair. Hair is an extension of your body, and you would never walk up to a random person and touch their body parts.
Cipriana, what was yours and your partner at Urban Bush Babes, Nikisha Brunson’s inspiration for starting the blog. What do you hope to achieve with the site?
Cipriana: We wanted to create a lifestyle website focusing on fashion, hair, beauty, health, food, interior design, arts and culture with the aim to support, encourage and highlight the multi-faceted lives of women of colour which we felt was missing in mainstream media. Celebrating difference as the norm and coloring outside the lines while breaking down the ‘ideal’ standard of beauty.
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