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1 woman in 4 different countries around the world are chosen each year by Finnish Design House; Marimekko for their ’Women of Influence Series’; an initiative highlighting inspiring women across the globe. This year I represented the U.S. Earlier this week an intimate dinner was held at Haven’s Kitchen (a farm-to-fork cafe, substainable cooking school in an old carriage house) in my honor. As part of this exciting and inspiring initiative I will be visiting Marimekko’s headquarters in Helsinki, Finland in August. Till then I had the chance to share with Marimekko some of my favorite spots in New York. Scroll below to find out why these favorite NY spots made my list plus how you can join me in Helsinki, Finland.


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Cipriana Quann
New York, USA

Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief,
Urban Bush Babes


Tell us something about yourself.
I have an identical twin sister and the moments we are not together, we are often confused with each other…naturally.


What is your summer mindscape?
A good book (preferably on the beach in St Barth’s).


What inspires you?
Meeting creative, positive, honest and motivating individuals – the energy they exude inspires me every day.


What was your dream when you were five?
To travel as much as possible via Star Trek transporter, a teleportation machine.
My Favorite Hometown Spots




Where are we? At Pier 25.




Why do you like this place? I absolutely love the city but I am an island person at heart and love water. Spending time at the piers gives me the best of both worlds.


Do you normally go alone or with friends? I would come here alone. Overlooking the water is one the best ways to recollect my thoughts and unwind!




Where are we? At the restaurant Spotted Pig.




Why do you like this place? Amazing food and great ambience. A little quirky hidden gem that is great to go with friends.


Do you normally go alone or with friends? Alone or with friends. When food is involved I have no problem dining solo.




Where are we? In Pianos, 158 Ludlow Street, New York.




Why do you like this place? One of the best happy hours, good food and great local bands.


When do you go here? On early weekday evenings.




Do you normally go alone or with friends? With friends.


To find out more of my favorite places including the Whitney Museum visit plus, want to join me in Helsinki, Finland in August courtesy of Marimekko…




click here to find out how (competition ends May 31st)



A very special thank you to Marimekko, extremely flattered to be selected and #SeeYouInHelsinki