Bob Marley is one of the few musicians in the world who is loved and celebrated world wide. My own father is from Kingston, Jamaica so I was raised listening to reggae music and Bob Marley was no stranger to my household! I have always admired that Bob lived what he sang about and he lived to get his message across to everyone.I am so excited to see this new documentary, Marley directed by Kevin MacDonald (director of The Last King of Scotland).

McDonald worked with Marley’s family to delve deeper into his childhood, growing up poor in Jamaica’s Nine Miles and Trenchtown, and being raised by his Jamaican mother while his father, a British man in the military, was largely absent. It explores his struggle as he dropped out of school to pursue music, going on to become a worldwide star who used his fame to bring attention to oppressed people in his hometown and everywhere – often putting his own life at risk. Also not left out are his personal relationships with his wife and children, and his involvement with the Rastafari movement. -Freepeople

So for are the Bob Marley lovers out there, this is for you! Marley is playing in select theaters now and is also on demand – check out the website for more info. I will be renting it on iTunes where you can also see the trailer! FYI, I heard it was a great movie! :)