The beautiful, Singer/Songwriter/DJ and Mother of 2, Sarah White was recently featured on Mater Mea, a site ”celebrating the multifaceted lives of mothers of color”. A friend of my sister years ago, I first met this young woman after a performance in Brooklyn, and let me just say Sarah’s low, sultry and beautiful voice was undeniably all her own. Such a magnetic energy, it is a blessing to know she is Mother.


In this in-depth and intimate interview with Mater Mea, Sarah discusses overcoming a miscarriage, life with her partner of 9 years, adjusting to life in Minnesota from NY, juggling her music career with two young girls and sources of inspiration.


Via: Mater Mea
Photos: Jess Sandager
Interview written by: Yasmin Boayke


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Sarah, Izabella (8), Micaela (2)


You mentioned you weren’t planning on having children. Why was that?

When I was younger, like in high school, I had in my head that cookie-cutter vision of two kids, a boy and a girl, a dog and a cat. Once I got into music [though], and I realized I wanted to travel and tour, it was kind of like the more I had invested [in myself] as an artist, I didn’t really see myself having children right away.


[But] it’s funny, because once I found out I was pregnant, I just realized it wasn’t all necessarily in my hands how my life would be. I was 22; I just kind of stopped everything. Whatever you want is less important: Is it touring, is it having a family, is it following your heart? I’ve always kind of been a heart follower, so I just decided that if I can’t still do what I want to do with kids, then maybe it’s not worth it. So I went for it.


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How has your faith affected the way you think about being a Mother?

I wouldn’t be able to make it as a mother without God in many forms. Especially with the birth of both of them — especially Mica, because it was my first homebirth — I had to have so much faith. We just had to believe in something bigger than me to just bless it and [to] not have so much fear. Fear is something that blocks us from stuff we want to do: It blocks us from who we want to be, it blocks us from love. The only thing that I’ve found that helps us to fight fear is God in some form.


I was raised in a Christian home, where if you had a high fever, you prayed. If there’s a tornado, you prayed. Everything was about praying and believing, and God will protect us — that’s something that I definitely practice every day.


How do you hope your daughters will manifest their creativity in the future? What do you hope for them as human beings?

So much, obviously. They mean everything to me. I hope that they learn to be able to communicate their feelings without being afraid of what anyone thinks. That’s something I feel like a lot of women have to deal with [and] I don’t want them to even second guess it. Right now they’re both pretty confident with what they have to say and they believe in themselves, and I want them to stay that way. I want them to be able to tell me anything and do what they want to do without fear. I feel like many times it would be easier for me to fall into a different career to have more money and to be more dependable, but I keep pushing towards my art because it’s my journey, and I want them to do that too.


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How Did You Change When You Had Your Second Child?

Mica and Iza are six years apart, so we had finally come to a place where Iza was getting a little more independent. Me and Rico had gone to Barcelona for a month and did music out there, and just traveled and lived without Iza — we sent her home to the grandparents. We were able to work on a new album and pursue our lives in a different way.


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I got pregnant right after that, [but] I had a miscarriage….Read the full interview plus more stunning photos at Mater Mea here


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