I’m writing you about a site I have great respect for, matermea.com. mater mea is an online magazine that profiles working moms of color using very beautiful photos of mothers at home with their children. I have appeared on the site and am a supporter of the site’s founder, Anthonia Akitunde.


Anthonia has been funding the site, which has been featured in the Huffington Post and New York Magazine’s The Cut, out of pocket since it launched in 2012, which she can no longer afford to do. She needs to raise $55,000 this month to turn her much-needed passion project into a daily, ad-supported website. Please consider donating as much as you can to her fundraiser, as well as telling your friends and family about the campaign:
Here is the fundraiser site and breakdown of where the donations will go: http://bit.ly/1lvVcgz
Here is a video about the magazine: