If you haven’t already, meet Destiny Godley – Actress, Blogger, Makeup Artist, Friend : )

Not only is she gorgeous, she comes across as that girl you would love to hang out with or call when you need some trusted advice.

Destiny is on the rise with her hands in everything from makeup tuts and sharing her inside scoop on fashion, accessories, wigs and weaves to giving us something to think about in her segments on suicide prevention and interracial dating. She is also a transitioning Natural. Woop Woop!  Needless to say, I ♥ me some Destiny Godley!

She has a lot to share with Urban Bush Babes, but let’s start out with some basic tips on using makeup to highlight your natural beauty and mixing modern fashion with ethnic styling.

M:  Share with us some of your makeup tips on how to achieve a fresh natural look.

D: I think less can be more especially when you are new to makeup. It’s not always necessary to wear full foundation or foundation at all. You can pare down your foundation with moisturizer or even spot treat, which is when you only apply foundation in areas where you need coverage. This can also be achieved by using concealer.

M:  What products do you recommend for us girls on a budget that just started experimenting with makeup?

D: Revlon foundation and lipsticks are going to be your best bet in the drugstore as well as Milani blush. Maybelline has a GREAT variety of mascara depending on if you’re a length or volume girl! Personally, I’m volume! I use Maybelline Volum’ Express the Falsies to achieve the look I crave!

M:  Any makeup No-Nos to share?

D: MAKE THE TIME! It’s rushed, sloppy makeup that leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths! If you don’t have time for it, skip it.

If you want to achieve that PERFECT makeup application for work, wake up a bit earlier and give it the effort it needs until you can successfully pull off 5 Minute Face time. And NO last minute experiments. I have the worst habit of wanting to try something new 30 minutes before I have to be somewhere important. Go with what you know and save experiments for days in advance!

M:  How do you mix and match your wardrobe to achieve a modern look with an ethnic flare?

D: Patterned, brightly colored and interestingly wrapped headgear has been around for as long as we have.  Combining a head wrap with modern pieces is essential to not looking too made up or costume-like. Pairing a chic afrocentric head wrap with some body flattering jeans and a tailored blazer will turn heads – For the right reason. It says, “I’m connected to my past, present and future.”

Add a comfy platform wedge or bright colored stacked heel and you can take this look from day to night.

M:  Let’s talk about hair! How long have you been transitioning?

D: I have been transitioning for about 2 years now…it’s been quite a journey and well worth the struggle!

M: Any chance we will get to hear more about your natural journey in the near future?

D: Yes, there is a great chance. Once I feel I have a firm grasp on my hair and exactly what it needs, I will most definitely be vocal.

M:  Anything else you want to add?

D: Confidence, poise and humility are things that cannot be purchased, applied or washed off at the end of the night. To be truly beautiful, make sure to carry these qualities with you always.

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