Via Essence by Paul C. Brunson.

I just reached my 3rd year as a professional matchmaker (yay!!!).

My journey has been challenging yet rewarding. Many people don’t realize I spend more time answering relationship questions than any other aspect of my job. The questions come from everyone; men, women, black, white, gay, straight, etc. What’s fascinating is that most of these questions stem from myths – relationship falsehoods that perpetuate a state of confusion and hysteria.

Relationship myths are divisive and serve no purpose other than to keep us apart. What I’ve done with this piece is listed what I consider to be the top relationship myths and add a dose of reality!


Myth: There aren’t enough good men.

Reality: I understand the effectiveness of popular media’s brainwashing on women, but ladies, please know this is patently false. Good men do exist, and they’re everywhere!!! They’re driving your bus to work, they’re delivering your mail in the office and at home, they’re calling you to collect that bill (lol), they exist. Over 100,000 men get married EACH DAY…run the numbers on that over a year, that’s a lot of good men.


Myth: Casual sex has no consequences.

Reality: CASUAL SEX DOES NOT EXIST! The notion of simply having casual sex and not catchy “feelings” (or anything else, like an STD) is false. Studies from leading biological anthropologist Helen Fisher show that sexual encounters trigger romantic love.


Myth: Great relationships = 2 perfect partners.

Reality: No one is perfect. We must be careful to differentiate between a partner with quirks and one with a serious problem. Serious problems that are destructive and abusive include substance abuse and mental/physical abuse. Unlike idiosyncrasies, such as he likes to keep the toilet seat up and is sloppy, these are behaviors you should learn to live with.

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