Via Essence 10 Ways to Improve Your Love Life (Right Now!) by Paul C.Brunson You have to believe you deserve someone amazing. I know it sounds crazy — the idea of just deciding you want to change and therefore you change — but that’s what starts it. Just recognizing you need to let go of what once held you back and think differently. It’s like how our mothers would tell us, “If you don’t love yourself, who will? If you don’t think you look good, are smart, have worth – why should anyone else?”

It starts with you, right now, and in your head.

While this may sound much easier said than done, making radical change in your thoughts about both yourself and love can happen sooner than you think. I normally achieve breakthroughs with my clients in as short as two weeks by getting them to retrain their thoughts, moving away from false negatives and towards the greatest true positive – emotional self-fulfillment.

For true success, you have to move beyond the prejudices and negative feelings that keep us from going forward and embrace radical change, and here are 10 things you can do, right now, and see a real result in your life.

Drop Those Who Don’t Believe In You

The negative feelings we have don’t appear in a vacuum. We get this notion we’re not worth it from somewhere and more often than not, it’s someone close to you who planted the seed of doubt that cripples you to this day. You may love this person. They may be your best friend. They may be your own mother. But if they tear you down more than they help build you up, they’re part of the problem. The negative thoughts in your head don’t need a church chorus. Cut them loose.

Find A Higher Purpose

Sometimes the best way to find ourselves is through the good works we do unto others. Nothing gets you out of your head more than finding a greater cause that is fulfilling, but not about you. Through these works you can find gratification in helping others, and in turn, repair your own wounded psyche by knowing that what you do matters. Give of yourself unselfishly to a charity, a soup kitchen, church, or a child in need of mentoring, and you may find that self-worth that has eluded you.

Stop Reading and Watching Garbage

There’s a lot of talk out there about what’s wrong with you. You’re not the right weight,
height, age, race, class, educational background, you don’t have the right career or attitude or personality or clothes to find the love you want. Well, stop. Just stop listening to that noise. It’s garbage. You will get the love you want out of righteous self-love and openness to difference and change. But you know how you won’t get it? By listening to all the media and hype saying you can’t. Hearing what’s wrong may sell papers and get page views, but it doesn’t get you love. Only you can.
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