Via Essence 12 Signs You’re Already In Love by Paul C. Brunson.

Love does not have an on/off switch. When we are not interested in someone it’s obvious, but when we are, it can be confusing. Is it love, lust or infatuation? Well, be confused no more. Here are 12 telltale signs that will show you are actually in love. While each one individually might not necessarily mean love, if you find you feel six or more, you’ve got the love jones!

You’re comfortable with them representing you.

When you can bring them to the company Christmas party and leave them alone to talk with your boss, you’re already in love.

It’s Not Simply About Their Potential

Often times we make the mistake of falling in love with someone’s potential and not for who they are before us. When you accept them for who they are now and not just who they could be in the future, you’re already in love.

You don’t feel embarrassed around them.

Sure, when y’all are at the beach he might not have a Shemar Moore six-pack or when at dinner not dress as smooth as Will Smith, but if you find you’re not embarrassed by his appearance or mannerisms when in public, you’re already in love.

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