Via Essence 8 Ways to Spice Up a Boring Relationship by Paul C. Brunson.

What is the number one reason couples break up? Good question. The answer is debatable, for sure. Typically the most popular reasons often include infidelity, poor communication, or financial disagreements. In every study I’ve read, one of these culprits always holds the top spot. That said, I’d like to nominate another reason  –one that rarely tops the list but can be to blame. It’s one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a relationship. Boredom! Boredom is a threat to your relationship because it’s often the root of other issues.

If you recognize that your relationship could use a boost, what do you do? Here are eight ways to spice up a boring relationship and keep it hot in 2012!


Speak Their Love Language

This is an important step, but rarely executed. Dr. Gary Chapman’s book “Five Love Languages” really should be required reading for everyone interested in having a romantic relationship. The book describes the various love languages we all “speak.”


Do New Things Together

These activities include everything from trying new restaurants, taking up a new hobby or traveling to a destination you have never been together. Note: For a major dose of dopamine, add a new position or location to your sex life (see #5).

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