Via Essence 8 Ways to Spot His Lie by Paul C. Brunson

Could Your Man Be A Liar?

One significant lie in a relationship can destroy it forever. But how good is your B.S. detector? The good news is with training everyone can increase their ability to spot lies. The following are the eight most effective ways to boost your skills and determine if someone is spitting authentic or fabricated game to you.

When the stakes are high, people will lie.

Context is everything. Keep in mind that whenever someone stands a lot to lose (like you) or a lot to gain (like you) they are more likely to lie.

Stay away from the phone.

From research in the Journal of American Society for Information and Technology, most lies come over the phone or text. This makes perfect sense because it’s much harder to lie in person. So when you detect deception, always have a face-to-face conversation.

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