Via Essence 9 Reasons I Believe in Black Love by Paul C. Brunson. Again I must state I believe in all love, whether your black, white,  or whatever, be with who you love regardless of race. But, my brother Paul is making a beautiful point of how black love is more positive than what many people think and how its being portrayed in the media.

Last week I taped a special one-hour episode of Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers (due to air soon) about the state of Black relationships. Throughout the show we covered many topics, and as you’ll see, at times it got very tense on stage.

That said, the overall point I made was that we need to be informed about relationship facts in the Black community. There is no brand of love more tarnished than Black love, and the way we change it is first by understanding the truth.

The following are facts that are very rarely discussed, but serve as a good jumping off point for a positive conversation about love in the Black community.

Here are two of my faves (read the rest of the 9 reasons here —> Essence:

1. The Divorce Rate Is Not That Bad

We often hear that the divorce rate is approximately 50%, well this is incorrect. The divorce rate in 2010 was 48%, however, most interesting is when you analyze what happens to people who either date for at least 2 years and/or marry after the age of 25. At both of those points, the divorce rate drops to less than 25%. This suggests that when we don’t rush marriage (and spend time making sure we’re marrying the right person), divorce seldom happens. (Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri.)


2. Black Men Are Successful

In America, 725,922 black men earn more than $75,000 compared to 528,204 black women; 100,000 more black men earn more than $100,000 than black women; and black men are twice as likely to earn more than a quarter million dollars. Therefore, if we define success in terms of income, there is still hope. (Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D., and Bryant Marks, Ph.D.)

To read the rest of the 9 reasons click here —> Essence