It’s been a while since I have posted any articles written by my brother in-law, Paul Brunson. He has been busy doing a lot amazing things which is why I haven’t seen many Essence articles from him the last few months. But today I have an awesome one to share with you guys, 9 Ways to Get Over Him (For Real!) via


Mental health professionals have long suggested that there are two general phases of breaking up: Protest and resignation. The Protest Phase is when you dedicate yourself to winning your partner back. Then, when you finally realize your lover is gone forever, it is easy to slump into hopelessness and despair – AKA, the Resignation Phase.

No matter the phase you are in, I have outlined nine tips to follow to help you get over your breakup for good. (Promise!)


Detach Completely

Unfriend him on social media, delete and block his phone number, and maintain a radio silence. The bottom line is, you should position yourself so that you don’t have to engage in any contact. (At least for the short-term) This will allow you the space you really need to move on.


Make This The Last Article You Read About Heartbreak

Blogs and bookstores are chock-full of material that says, “This is your fault. You created this situation by the way you thought or by carrying forward childhood wounds.” Steer clear of the self-help section for now. Don’t try to come up with reasons on why it happened and how to prevent it from happening again. Allow yourself to feel heartbreak—that’s what actually gets you over it.


Give Love

The best way to balance the sorrow and rage from the heartbreak you’re dealing with is to give love to whatever situation or person you interact with. Be the love you want to see.

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