Via Essence How to Determine If He’s Marriage Material by Paul C. Brunson.

Periodically, on Twitter, I post a question with the hashtag #MDMQ – it’s a weekly query I run called ‘Modern Day Matchmaker Question’ that’s designed to provoke thought and discussion about different relationship topics.

Last week, I asked my followers to define what it means for someone to be ‘marriage material.’ The responses were shocking… or rather the lack of responses was shocking.

I received numerous private messages from men and women stating the challenge they had answering the question. One person tweeted: “I know what dating material is but never asked myself what is marriage material.”

I dedicate this piece to everyone struggling with how to define marriage material. You’ve heard me and other experts talk ad nauseam about the importance of finding a partner that you’re attracted to, who matches your values and compliments your personality. However, in order for someone to be marriage material, you need more. After all, a successful relationship must be based on more than just love to survive.

If you’re single, here are 24 important questions to ask yourself when considering potential dates. If you’re in a relationship, these are great questions to discuss with your partner. You don’t have to be in complete agreement on each of these answers but you do need to be able to compromise if there are differences – if you can successfully do that, I say you have someone who is marriage material.

Health and Wellness

Do you want to compete in couples marathons or is channel surfing on the couch the most active you need to be?


Do you realize there is a difference between intimacy and sex?


Is it critical for you both to share the same religion and practice in the same manner? If so, why?


What pace do you want to live? Would a leisurely Dave Chappelle pace work or do you need to be on the move more frequently than Diddy?


Are you in a job or in a career? Do you want a job or career?


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