Via Essence The 10 Worst First Date Ideas of All Time by Paul C. Brunson

I know first dates very well. Over the last year, I don’t think there is one person on the planet who has set up more people on first dates than me — through my events and matchmaking, I’ve arranged more than 1,000 first dates. 
Given that experience, there is one thing I know better than the electric slide, and that is that there are certain date ideas that are great and others that typically end in complete failure.

Now let me underscore by saying, there are typically two types of first daters: 1) Casual daters simply looking for no-strings-attached companionship (or no-strings-attached something else) and 2) Commitment-minded daters. For this list, I’m strictly talking about the latter. 
The following are what I know to be the worst first date ideas of all time. I plead with you not to go on any of the following adventures with someone you’re hoping to have a future with. Okay? Here goes.

The Club

A cool venue, good music, and an opportunity to check out his rhythm… The club sounds like the ideal spot for a first date. Not! Clubs are fraught with trouble: loud music you have to scream over and no experiential learning other than getting an inkling on how he will move between the sheets. Clubs are bad first-date ideas.


Umm, let’s see. How in the world are you going to get to know someone by sitting next to him, without talking, for two hours in the dark? Save this for later in the relationship.



This is basically a scripted interrogation. In order to truly get to know someone, you have to observe what they do. Dinner affords little opportunity for qualitative observation, and with this being the standard go-to date for most, many have their first dinner date game memorized.

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