Via Essence. The Holiday Dating Challenge by Paul C. Brunson.

“Whoa. 10 dates with 10 different people before Jan 1st? Something about that just seems so wrong.”

That was a tweet I saw 2 days ago in response to what is being referred to on twitter as the #PCBchallenge.

As you may recall, this summer I issued a dating challenge for women looking for love, and I’m back to reissue a similar one for the holidays. By January 1st 2012, I challenge you to ask and go out on at least 10 dates with 10 different men. Yes, you read that correctly, you (the woman) must initiate and ask 10 men on dates. If you do, I predict, your dating life will change, possibly forever!

Are You Ready?
Now keep in mind, this challenge is not for everyone. If you are tired of dating or at all distraught with the courting process, I actually suggest you do just the opposite and take a dating sabbatical. This challenge is for the bold, the brazen, and for the ladies ready to make a change in their romantic life.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to join the #PCBchallenge!

10 Reasons to Try the Dating Challenge:

Men Are Open to Being Asked Out

This is a key data point that many people do not know. In nearly every survey taken on dating sites, magazines, and blogs, when men are asked, “Would you be open to a woman approaching you/asking you on a date?” — the majority of men say “Yes.”

A matter of fact, in several studies conducted by various anthropologists, it’s been shown that not only do men like being asked out, but when men are asked out by women who are complete strangers, the answer is still yes (nearly 50% of the time).

I realize this theory goes against every old school dating rule, but let’s face it… the rules of dating have changed.

It’s Not Emasculating

A common response of reluctance I get from ladies is, “I don’t want to be the chaser, I want to be chased. If I ask the man out, won’t that ruin the chase? So, first let me say that, yes I agree, men generally like to chase. However, the chase begins at different points. I argue that for most men, the chase actually begins the moment we realize we’re fully attracted to you. That attraction may not
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