Via Essence The Science of Love by Paul C. Brunson. 10 Facts About Love and the Brain.

Deep down, we all think we know what love is—right now, you’re probably thinking something like “a single soul inhabiting two bodies,” “love is patient and kind” or maybe even, “your love is my drug.”  When it comes to love, clichés and catchphrases abound—but do any of them really tell us what it is?

So what is love?

New research is suggesting that love has a lot more to do with our heads than it does our hearts.  In her new book, Dirty Minds: How Our Brains Influence Love, Sex, and Relationships, science writer Kayt Sukel says love may be all in your head—and why breaking down the science doesn’t make it any less of a miracle.

Here are 10 things I learned about love and the brain that will make you go hmmm…

Love Is In Your Mind

While we usually connect love with the heart, new studies have shown that love actually stems from the brain. Pioneering work by researchers both at Rutgers University and University College London have shown that romantic love activates regions of the brain involved with risk and reward -— and deactivates areas involved with judgment and decision-making.

Love Is In Your Mind

Moreover, Helen Fisher, one of my favorite researchers, says that there are three systems for love in the brain: one for sex, one for romantic love and one for attachment. She says that these systems work together but can just as easily work against one another, resulting in all the triumphs and defeats we talk about when we talk about love.


Your Hormones Aren’t in Control

We are told from birth that we’re slaves to our hormones, and that those bad boys influence everything we say and do. While it’s true that testosterone and estrogen can act directly on our brains, they aren’t the great deciders we’ve been led to believe. Researchers say that they influence our behavior by making us subconsciously more aware of our surroundings.

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