Via Essence by Paul C. Brunson.

We attract what we put out. The old saying goes, to get a 10, you have to be a 10. This may be true, but what exactly does being a 10 mean?

To help answer this question, I first went to my favorite surveying sources (Twitter & Facebook) to find out who we perceive to be the ideal man. I’m sure this comes as no surprise: the runaway favorites were Idris Elba & Denzel Washington. As a matter of fact, on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the ideal man, Idris and Denzel scored an average of 17 (off the charts).

What intrigues me most is not just how universal Idris & Denzel’s appeal is (I had responses from all over the globe), but what specifically are the traits so many people find attractive about them.

To dig deeper to identify the traits, I once again turned to Twitter and Facebook. After hundreds of responses, these are the top reasons why so many people love Idris & Denzel — also making a great list of what women need to put out there if they want to attract someone just like them.

Be Fully Adaptable

Idris and Denzel could easily be comfortable in a hoodie and Timbs, on the block choppin‘ it up with the fellas or in a custom Tom Ford suit, ready to accompany you to the office holiday party. In other words, they’re dynamic. Be dynamic. Show off every side of your sexy wonderful self.

Don’t Be a Fool

There is a better chance of Herman Cain winning the 2013 Presidency than someone outsmarting Idris or Denzel on film. They convey intelligence. Be intelligent and show off your smarts.

Look the Part

“Easy on the eyes” is a ridiculous understatement when referring to Idris and Denzel. They’re attractive, they know it, and they leverage it. Be aware of how you’re perceived.
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