Via: Essence You Asked, He Answered. When it comes to dating everyone has questions they need advice on. We asked you what you’d like Modern Day Matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson to answer and the questions came rolling in. Here, he takes on your top burning questions. Get the answers you need now…

How long should a woman wait for a proposal?The heart of this question is about commitment. If I could create a gauge to determine if a man (or woman) was ready to fully commit to a relationship, I would surpass Oprah on the Forbes list. Commitment readiness is challenging to assess but there are a few tell-tale signs: 1) Does he say “we” opposed to ”I?” 2) Has he introduced you to ALL of his family and friends? 3) When you look at your growth as a couple, has it continued to become stronger? If the answer to all of these is yes, he’s most likely ready to commit for the long-term 


Why do men think they can get it when they want it without making a commitment?

I assume “it” is not ice cream? When dealing with the when and why of sex in a non-committed relationship, there is no better analogy than the Cow and Milk. If you’re dealing with someone used to poppin’ free milk bottles, it’s understandable why they would think milk shouldn’t come with a cost. However, there are over 50 million men in this country who have ‘bought cows’….and speaking as a cow purchaser myself, we know the milk is much sweeter when you own.

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