This morning as I was placing my hair into yet another one of my many updo protective styles, I begin to realize that updo protective styles, is a step I have religiously incorporated into my regimen that I could not live without. I know for me updo protective styles have been that survival kit in harmonizing my entire regimen into a successful one for past hair goals and future ones I plan to reach. Not only have they been a savior for length, kryptonite in keeping split ends at bay and a water well for retaining moisture but those styles also saves me time when it comes down to my detangling sessions because of less tangles due to little to no manipulation and strand control during the week.

After this realization, I begin to wonder about all of you. I know for many others “that can’t live without” step in their hair regimen could be one of many things such as daily water exposure, a certain product or tool, vitamins, stretching, finger detangling, sealing, etc. Really the list could go on and on and that “most important part of your hair regimen” can depend on the person’s texture, porosity, density, diameter and health but is solely up to the individual in how their hair responds successfully. Now I have shared mine, it is time to share yours! So ladies give it up….

If you absolutely had to pick, what is the “Most Important Part of your Hair Regimen” you could not live without and why?