Seems I was in a state of frenzy trying to find a place last week since my lease ended yesterday after my building closed with new buyers, who did not want to renew my lease which left me a week to find a place, how convenient for me (all in one breath). After seeing what seemed like 1,000 places in addition with a 1,000 new grey hairs, my boyfriend found the perfect place! So after 10 years of living in Brooklyn I will now reside in the upper eastside (because believe it or not we found an amazing place for an amazing price) though my addictive love affair with Brooklyn is definitely not over, but as we signed the lease I couldn’t get the ‘Jeffersons’ theme song out of my mind, lol. With all that being said I am packing today…ugh but grateful to have found a place I love so the stress of packing is really a not an issue but an issue I am not fond of (let me be real)! Long story short just had to let my UBB fam know I will be back in full swing with daily posts mid-week.