Singer, Sarah White shares intimate details behind the inspiration of her latest music video for track; “Nu Life”,  produced by her partner Rico Simon Mendez. In this endearing video, White along with her two young daughters Iza and Mica, filmed and edited a beautiful family love story “celebrating the moments of love, dancing through the dark times, being quiet for peace and laughing through the struggle”…a ‘Nu Life’.

SARAH WHITE - NU LIFE feat NICHOLAS RYAN GANT from Sarah White on Vimeo.

“Nu Life was inspired by the idea of breaking unhealthy habits and patterns and opening fully to potential. Moving into a direction where you lift yourself up and really fight for the happy things in life, fully trusting in your heart and dreams. Sounds hippie but this song came right on time while I was living in Bed Stuy and felt like I was going through a creative drought. I wasn’t believing in myself and was even blocking my own growth in many ways. I had to completely reach into the dark places I wanted to avoid and find new passion. Nicholas Ryan Gant started out the song for a reason. I was so stuck and couldn’t figure out how to get the words onto the track and somehow he was already on that frequency, so it was a great unity. 

My partner, Rico Simon Mendez produced the track and was the vision behind the collaboration, so it only seemed fitting to later create the video for him. I now feel in a place of overwhelming inspiration, and I am surrounded by art and opportunity. I have been experimenting with different mediums and recently upgraded my camera so thought it would be fun to create a video or even “love story” to lift Rico’s spirit when he was going through a tough time and a loss of someone he loved. The girls and I (our daughters, Iza and Mica) helped me to film and edit the video for their Papi, and we made it in one night. The video for us, was a story about celebrating the moments of love, dancing through the dark times, being quiet for peace and laughing through the struggle.
Plus my lil’ ladies love to dance and get down on some art, so why not? ” -Sarah White


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