This past Wednesday I had the pleasure to attend a Private Musical Showcase presented by Elle Magazine of the lovely, beautiful and multi-talented singer Yunalis Zarai more commonly known as Yuna. Born in Alor Setar Kedah, Malaysia, singer-songwriter felt the writing itch at the age of 14 and started writing her own songs in which she performed for the first time at the age of 19 after she cultivated the craft of the guitar.


For those of you who are not familiar with this songstress Yuna describes her music as a cross between “Mary Poppins and Coldplay” which not only claimed her uniqueness but also can attest to a strong following she gained as a solo artist through MySpace since 2006. With musical influences of Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Sia, The Cardigans and Feist this explains her inspirational influences pull from all directions especially with covers of Kanye’s “Paranoid” and Nirvana’s cover “Come as you are” (definitely one to add to your playlist if like me, a huge lover of Nirvana) but with original tracks such as “Rocket” with a catchy chorus of “I got no money in my pocket/no body to rock with but you/but you know me I don’t seem to roll/ Somehow we managed to get through” and “Sparkle with lyrics of “You make me sick in a lot of ways / Make me smile always / I’m just really into / Having this chase” who couldn’t relate?


In February of this year Yuna signed with label Fader and released her debut EP, “Decorate in March.  Now in the stages of recording her sophomore album it seems that Yuna has attracted a major heavy hitter in her mist of no other then the creative force to be reckon with Pharrell Williams! Not only did Pharrell make a cameo in Yuna’s “Come as you are” video but is now the producer of Yuna’s sohpmore album.  With two talented forces sandwiching together to make what I am sure will be musical genius this is one album I will surely want to devour.


Read below via: for more details of the collaboration between Yuna and Pharrell.


“Back from the US for a special series of DFP shows, Yuna proved that her music has matured considerably on the big stage. While most artistes have hard knock stories about how they clawed their way into the spotlight, a few find themselves propelled to fame through a little luck, more than a few good fans and a lot of talent. Yunalis Zarai, better known as Yuna, is one of the lucky Myspace singer-songwriters who has grown beyond her beginnings, both in terms of fans and her music style. Back from the United States, where she was recording the beginnings of a sophomore album, she now works on her new album. In the video of Come As You Are released a few months earlier, Pharrell Williams made a cameo appearance.


Not just a cameo for cameo’s sake, Williams has also been hired as a producer in Yuna’s next album. The US superstar has had a hand in producing five of Yuna’s new songs in Miami. “For me, he’s like a cool teacher. He actually produced the whole song and I’m the lyricist, it’s like co-writing songs. Although he produced it, he was still open to my ideas for the direction of the song,” she said. She said she was still experimenting with her music and would be open to trying new sounds, especially since signing on to the Fader label, which is better known for its hip hop and electronica artistes. “However, I’m absolutely not going to drop my acoustic guitar,” she assured.”




  Have a great weekend everyone :)