Click Read More/Comment for additional pictures. Maryland and Sweden collide with the latest project from Lyricist/Songwriter/Singer (my twin sister), TK Wonder originally from Baltimore and Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Kissey Asplund originally from Stockholm, collaborate to form TK Wonder : Kissey. This magical collaboration produces their first upcoming album together entitled ‘Heartfukk’ (part 1) and if anyone has fukked you’re your heart then this album is dedicated to you. With TK Wonder on mic/song/lyrics and Kissey on music/production/mix this is a duo that is taking an electronic sound to new heights.

An advanced promo for ‘Heartfukk’ Part 1 will be dropped in early 2012 as a free download which will be followed later in the year by ‘Heartfukk’ Part 2. The duo has just created their Fan page on Facebook so please show some love and support to new, creative, women doing it for themselves music.

Want to hear a sneak peek now? Included below is a snippet of one of the tracks from ‘Heartfukk’ called ‘Down&Dirty’ and the link to their Facebook Fanpage.




Down & Dirty Soundtrack

Facebook Page!/tkwonderkissey

Photos by: Pelle Lannefors

Want to see much more of TK Wonder & Kissey Asplund visit:

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