Yesterday I shared my daily hair routine ( click this link for Pt 1) and now I will shed light on my weekly ritual hair care routine. As I mentioned yesterday my daily routine would not be possible without the religious steps I follow every weekend. Yeez, I sound like I am making an award speech right now “and none of this would be possible without my weekend routine” whoa! Sometimes I have to laugh at myself, anyway let me get to my “Weekly Routine”

Weekly Routine

Weekend (Which really means Saturday Morning)

1. Lubrication: Yes lubrication and no I am not talking cars. Depending on the state my hair is in if necessary I will lube the hell out of my strands with my “Love Potion # 9” concoction for an easier detangling session. For the most part I can skip this step because at the end of the week my hair stays pretty moisturized but I do experience bouts of dryness and that is when the lubing begins.

2. Sectioning: When I detangle I section my twists off in 6 sections. Detangling in sections makes the detangling process much easier or maybe makes it mentally easier instead of dealing with a huge mass to work with. Like they say “baby steps” if you baby step instead of looking at the entire road you have to travel this will give you more patience in your journey of detangling.

3. Clearing Scalp: My clearing scalp process for me involves my nails. I would never use my nails during my washing process but while my hair is dry I have found this step very useful.  After I have sectioned my hair off I will take each part and scratch very LIGHTLY at the scalp in each sectioned part. A light scratch is all I need to rid my scalp of most build up until my washing process. Since I do not use much product during the week buildup is at a minimum but I do experience a little.

4. Detangling: When it comes to Detangling I detangle from the root.  Yes OMG I said it.  I Detangle From The Root. I have turned a major don’t into a major do. Now I would never suggest this if you comb your hair but I finger detangle so root detangling just makes my detangle sessions work smoother. Now before I hear the ahh hells no, let me explain. I wear my hair in loose twist so I find at the end of the week that the only part of my twists that really tangle are at the root while the rest of the twists stay pretty much tangle free and the reasoning for this is because I also wear my twist in updo styles all the time and the only time I take my twist down is at the end of the week for my detangling session so this really leaves no room or excuses for my hair to tangle because of very little manipulation vs when I use to wear my hair out  and my hair would tangle everywhere from friction of my clothes, playing in my hair, constant style changing etc. When I detangle my twist I detangle one twist at a time then re-twist. Since I do not blunt trim my ends it is much easier to search and destroy my ends one twist at a time which makes sure I have given attention to all of my ends. Also I detangle weekly to bi-weekly but sometimes a thing called life happens and it has been longer in between my detangling sessions and OH LAWD that is a post all in itself!

5. Moisture: Now after I have finished the detangling and twisting process I will moisturize my twists in 6 sections with my oil concoction of coconut, olive, jojoba, rosemary and castor oil. You can click this link to view the details of my oil concoction called Love Potion #9. I also take the time to use my Love Potion #9 to lightly oil my scalp with my fingertips. Since I only wash my hair once a month it is important for me to place moisture into my hair. Water is the only substance on earth that can place moisture into your strands at 100% but coconut oil is a close second while olive oil is a distant third. Coconut and olive oil are the only oils able to penetrate the hair shaft and reach the cortex like water.

6. Sealing ends: The same 6 sections I mentioned in step 5 about moisture is how I seal my ends. I will take a small bowl of water and dip each section and soak about 3 inches of my ends (Another option for shorter tresses instead of a bowl is a water spray bottle. Just place the nozzle of the water bottle directly on your ends and this will ensure that only your ends will get wet). Then I will squeeze the excess water and place my Love Potion # 9 concoction and an extra application of castor oil onto my ends. Since I seal once a week and not every day or every other day it is important that the sealant last all week and heavy oils and butters such as castor oil or shea butter are perfect for this job. Before I style I will pile twists in a loose bun until the ends dry.

7.  Stretching: We are now at the end of my weekly routine. My major stretching technique is done after my washing process (which I will do a post on) but I do have a weekly hair stretching technique. Now since I do not use heat to stretch my hair I will take my freshly detangled, moisturized and sealed ends and tightly twist my twists (ooh try saying that 3 times fast “tightly twist my twists”. Tongue twister) into sections of 6 and gather into a tight bun (remember not too tight, it should never hurt or a pulling sensation in your scalp) and leave in for a couple of hours or overnight. Then I will release and style my desired look for the week.

There you have it. Following the preparation in my weekly routine has really benefited me in saving time while not sacrificing the health of my hair during my daily routine and has actually allowed me to make my daily routine possible but shoot it took me almost a decade to figure it out but at least I got there, lol.