My husband and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary this past weekend. And God gets all the glory for blessing us with this amazing last minute road trip, that couldn’t have happened if He didn’t orchestrate it all! Even down to my in-laws watching Jaden for us, couldn’t have happened if God didn’t work it all out. I actually let my hubby plan out everything. I’m learning how to let him handle planning out our trips because I get too neurotic, and it’s seriously nice to just relax and go with the flow. Carl did a wonderful job planning this romantic weekend getaway to Raleigh, North Carolina. And it’s funny because I have been curious to visit since before we got married. If you’ve read my Austin, Texas post, then you know we have been searching and praying hardcore for over a year on where we should move and buy a house because we aren’t feeling the DMV. It’s not an easy decision when you have the option to move any where you would like, since I have a husband that loves moving around :). We’re so over New York so we crossed that off our list, San Francisco was our first option until after some deep research and prayer was crossed off our list as well. Then up popped Austin, TX…like what the heck! We fell in love with the place, the end! But…..Raleigh, North Carolina was an option on the list at one time. Now that we have visited and our curiosity has been peaked, we can definitely cross it off our list. It’s a lovely place and the people were sweet as ever, but it’s not for us and I’m thankful that God brought us there for further confirmation. It’s like God wanted us to visit there to just confirm that we are moving in the right direction.


Any who… Saturday morning someone knocked on our hotel room door and I opened it to be surprised by a bouquet of beautiful flowers. We got ready and went to eat at the Raleigh Times. On the way we walked through the Capital City Bikefest where the streets were loaded with custom bikes and Harley Davidsons. After eating we went to spend the day at a family owned vineyard that had the best tasting wine we both ever had in our lives. They specialize in sweet wines, my favorite! Don’t sleep on North Carolina wines! We took home 3 bottles :). Then we ate dinner at 42nd Street Oyster Bar. Then we headed to see Sigur Ros in concert in the evening. The show was EPIC!!! What an amazing band!!! If you haven’t heard their music check it out below. Sigur Ros is also set to appear on the 4th season of Game of Thrones!!! We were at the Red Hat Amphitheater which is outside and it was raining most of the show, but that didn’t stop us and the other concert goers. We weren’t allowed to bring umbrellas in or use them, and rightfully so….who can see a show with a bunch of umbrellas in the way?! We had amazing seats too, 4th row off to the side! Thank God they were selling rain ponchos which kept us dry all night. The rain actually made it more romantic and memorable, because the lighting and constant effects on stage would light the rain and it felt more emotional….if you know what I mean. After the show we met up with a friend and hung out until 3am. The next day we stopped by Cocoa Cinnamon in Durham(coffee/ tea shop to re-energize) and I met a reader of UrbanBushBabes who was so sweet and came up to me, introduced herself and took a pic with me. I was so tired I know I look crazy in that pic…lol! Here are some photos I took during our trip. I look forward to sharing more trips with you guys! We are hoping to celebrate our next anniversary in Big Sur, California, where we got married. Stay tuned!


The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives (Psalms 37:23 NLV)

*All photos by me :)

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42nd Street Oyster bar….


Marriot Hotel floor …


Sigur Ros concert…





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Back on the road….and I got to take this handsome guy home with me…. :)


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