This Saturday the 12th is my birthday!!!! These are somethings going on in my head for the weekend. I have turned it into a bit of a story, read on underneath each pic :). Enjoy your weekend everybody!!!

Cozy knitted socks and tea with breakfast in the morning :)



I will juice before I leave my house



My boyfriend will watch me get ready for the day (clothes, hair)



I will wear my chunky oatmeal cardigan this weekend. I'm totally freaking obsessed with them!



I hope this package comes! I bought these shoes as a birthday gift to myself ;)



I might comb my fro out! This is inspiring...



I took this pic on my phone wearing one of my new septum rings(its gold)...contemplating this for birthday



I have to eat again, this looks yummy!!!



My boyfriend and I will stop for a kiss on the street :-*



We will head to the Independent theatre in Manhattan to watch this movie I've been dying to see...Martha Marcy May Marlene



Its dark outside (stupid day light savings). Its a suprise what we will do next...I'm excited to see what adventures we will go on...



I plan on having some adult drinks...wink* wink*...



...with lots of music because my boyfriend is a rock star and I'm gonna dance my ars off!!!



...even if I'm drunk by the end of the ;)



...I will celebrate myself this weekend!


I'm at home getting ready to head out with my son Jaden and a delivery guy rings my bell with these beautiful red long stem roses and its not even my birthday yet!!! I must say I have the best man in the whole universe!!! And not because of these material things, but because he has never let me down!!! Thank you Cupcake lips!!! I thank God for you!