I must confess that this braid out was accidental, I have never really done a braid out in my life! I had the hair stylist from Khamit Kinks put my hair in two french braids after I got my hair cut because I had swim class that same evening. The stylist applied a small amount of Jane Carter Cream (I’m not sure which one), then braided it. When I got home I was so excited to see the cut, that I loosened my braids out and wahlah, (might I add it’s so nice to see my hair is in a shape with even layers)!!!! I loved it!!! It reminded me of how I have been admiring the singer/songwriter Amel Larrieux’s hair for a while now, and thanks to Fran from Heyfranhey, I found out Amel has been rockin’ a braid out this whole time! I think you guys might be seeing me rock a braid out more often! We’ll see how it goes!

My braid out inspiraion, Amel Larrieux


Amel Larrieux