My current hair regimen:

-I shampoo once a week with an all natural sulfate free shampoo, (Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle).
-If my hair is super tangled I will do an oil rinse with Jojoba oil or almond oil in between my shampoo and conditioner. This loosens up the tangles and knots.
-I coat my hair with generous amounts of conditioner. I alternate between (Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and Say Yes To Carrots).
-I finger comb thru my hair in smaller sections, then comb smaller sections with my Jilbere/shower comb.
-I deep treat once week with either Vatika oil or a deep conditioner (Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose mixed with extra jojoba oil and added drops of rosemary oil) with my heating cap on for one hour.
-Every 2-3 weeks I do an apple cider rinse as my last step after washing and conditioning.
-I squeeze out excess water from hair with an old t-shirt and add my leave in conditioner (Say Yes To Carrots), then a moisturizing hair cream by (Curls: Curl souffle).
-My final step is sealing in the moisture with Vatika oil  or jojoba oil. I add about a quarter size amount of oil and distribute through out my hair concentrating on my ends. I let air dry either in two strand twists or a wash n go.
-I dust my ends when my hair tells me to :)