I have received some requests to share my daily routine.  This routine basically has been religiously followed for over the past 4 years with minor adjustments and tweaks here and there. So without further ado I present my step by step Daily Routine.


I know some may be thinking by looking at my updo styles that my hair routine is very intricate and complicated but during the week my routine is quite simple and basic. The most time consuming maintenance of my hair would be during my weekly (weekend) preparation.

Nightly Routine:

Before I go to bed there are 2 major steps I perform:

  • I will moisturize my strands using extra virgin olive oil spray. Now when I spray my hair nightly I will not take my hair down from the style I am rocking for that week. I have found that my strands within the hairstyle stays quite moisturized while the outer layer of the hairstyle is the only part that is affected by the elements which can sometimes lead to dryness. So just by spraying the outer layer of the hairstyle with extra virgin olive oil spray this will balance the moisture of the exterior strands with the interior.  The outer strands that are exposed to the elements almost act as armor or a shield which protects the interior strands which is why they consistently stay more moisturized.
  • Not only do I sleep on a silk pillow case but also a silk/satin scarf. For my strands going to bed without a scarf is just like driving in the middle of a snowstorm without brakes, you just wouldn’t do it.  As I mentioned before I do not take my twist down from my hairstyle of the week so after I have finished spraying my hair at night I will simply throw my scarf over top of my hairstyle and call it a night so yes any hairstyle you may see me rock such as this: that means a scarf was thrown over that style. Now some people may be wondering isn’t it uncomfortable to sleep via my hair this way and the answer is no. I use a max of 8 bobby pins and 1 elastic band to keep my hair in these updo styles and anyone who is familiar with healthy natural hair the strands are soft so it is really just adding another cushioning for my head at night. For a more visual take of my nighttime routine checkout our Night time Routine video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVgwwbIR04c (just click link)



The only adjustments I have made with my nightly routine is:

  • Instead of using a silk or satin scarf I now use a silk/satin slip. The slip just allows for more room as my hair has grown longer to accommodate my different updos.
  • The olive oil spray I now use is 100% extra virgin olive oil spray  (Trader Joe’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray) instead of the one I used for years which was not 100% olive oil (Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray):

Morning Routine:

I will take my scarf off and depending on the hairstyle for example my side hairstyles such as this:                              can look a bit funky in the morning but nothing some minor adjustments can’t fix but my more vertical styles styles such as theses:      prep work in the morning can be non- existent. For the most part my hairstyles stay easily intact overnight. I have just found that maintaining a certain hairstyle of the week without taking it down every night  produces less manipulation, more time management and healthier results in maintaining moisture without more products and less products while keeping moisture is a key element since buildup causes more matting, dryness and tangles which would be detrimental for me since I detangle weekly or bi-weekly.


Now during winter months there is just one adjustment I add to my morning routine which is:

  • I will take a dime size amount of my Love Potion #9 concoction http://urbanbushbabes.com/?p=2071  (click this link to view the recipe of the oil concoction) and rub it on the kitchen or nape area of my hair. This prevents breakage from any type of material that is not silk or satin such as wool coats or scarfs that really can cause breakage for some without an extra coating of protection.  I know this helped me tremendously to help deal with breakage in this area.

*Now retaining moisture throughout the week is highly contributed to what I do during the weekend. Stay tuned because tomorrow in Part 2 (http://urbanbushbabes.com/?p=5563 click this link for Pt 2) I will share my weekly routine and these steps I feel have been the most critical part in helping my hair maintain growth and health. How I am able to make my daily routine work with success would not be possible without the steps I follow in my weekly routine.