This is my hair dry detangled, smh…I tried it yesterday to see if there was gonna be a difference in hair shed. First I tried to detangle with my fingers and that was a NO GO! It was like going through a war zone with no weapons! I had no patience with fingering thru my dry strands so I moved on to my Jilbere  shower comb. I have to honestly say it was painful, took way too long and I was frustrated. I saw about the same amount of hair fall that I see when detangling my hair wet with conditioner. Then I thought maybe I should have used oil while doing it, but that’s just so drippy and messy and honestly I was over it! I didn’t get a lot of the stuff I wanted to get done that day because of all the time it took, and it just put me in a funk. The verdict is in, as a working single parent this was too time consuming and made me want to cut my hair short, and the thought of even going thru this process on my son’s hair was painful for me to think about. I am grateful to God for slip from conditioner!!! :)


How does dry detangling work for you? Is there anyway to make it faster and less painful?