I just returned from my trip to Florida with my son and boyfriend, I wanted to stay there…sigh. Any who these two strand twists were an attempt to save my hair from as much damage as possible. I wet my hair and added a generous amount of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration all over, then I put my Vatika oil on top of it as the last step. I proceeded to two strand twist my hair and then tie it to the side with a band. I then added a bit more Vatike oil on my ends. For picture purposes I left my hair in a side ponytail but before I entered the water I quickly bunned it to hide my ends. After each day of swimming and going under water I would use my Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle shampoo to cleanse out all the salt water and chlorine, I did this while my hair remained twisted to prevent tangling. Then I rinsed, untwisted my hair added my Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner, combed through my hair and rinsed. For the last step I added my trader Joe’s conditioner again and left it in my hair and retwisted my hair for the next day. I was swimming in the ocean and pool the whole time so this routine actually worked out. I will be posting some pics of me on my last day in Florida this week, so you can see my last day hair and see if there was any damage.