I wasn’t extensive in my bio about my past because that would be quite a long and dysfunctional story. But I want to touch on a part of my life where I struggled with my identity and I hated my hair. Although I was born in Toronto, Canada I grew up in Brooklyn. It was tough growing up in Brooklyn, the kids I went to school with were extremely harsh. My hair became an easy target for kids to make fun of. This made me very insecure and I always hid my hair keeping it in ponytails, or straightening it with flat irons, relaxers, and clothing irons. This allowed me to fit in, and at least the kids laid off the teasing on the hair front. My mom always told me I was beautiful the way God made me, but it didn’t help that the kids at school didn’t feel the same way. One of the first times that I thought having an Afro was beautiful was when I saw model Chrystele Saint-Louis Augustin in singer Maxwell ‘s music video “Sumthin, Sumthin”. She was striking to me, the way her hair just stood up and the coils just sprung out of her head, she looked so free to me. It also helped that I was in love with Maxwell at the time and had dreams of being in one of his videos. This experience was one of the first of many that inspired me to rock my natural hair no matter what anyone was going to say.  The main reasons Cipriana and I created this site was to help people embrace the beauty of how someone naturally just is and to inspire.

Chrystele was a university student discovered at a casting call for a Benetton campaign, an open casting she almost didn’t show up for because she thought her signature frizzy hair looked a mess.

Is there anyone that inspired you to embrace your natural hair?

Pics via: wantmorecelebs